About Us

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We have been sending export brown coconut since 1985 our Company has been registered by Indian coconut board authority, Cochin. We are mainly supplying export brown coconut to all over the world. Our home town is Pollachi in TamilNadu (India).we are basically coconut tree cultivate farmer's. we have know about all kind of coconuts and we are collecting coconut from Pollachi surrounding selected from our Manchester city of coconut and coconut products (Pollachi).When compared to our pollachi coconut with other place and other countries undertaking coconut growth and taste. We do have coconuts with sweet & taste of excellence. Our coconuts are mainly used for cooking and cooking related food items.

We are fluting coconuts for 55 to 65 days from coconut trees. We do store around 50000 to 60000 coconuts for one lot, similarly for more than lots. After 30 to 35 days after we do peeling hush covered with 3 eyes of coconuts. We are keeping this method to increase coconut's self life for 45 to 65 days at any weather of world. Later the coconuts are well packed by experience people based on our customer needed weights and expects. We are packing polypropylene bags, cotton box and net bags as based on customer requirements.